WP3 - To improve data accessibility

WP leader P. Buche, IATE

Objective: to facilitate opening and sharing of data stored in BaGaTel and MEANS

Currently MEANS and BaGaTel data are not open-accessible. Some efforts have already been done to extend @Web application for FAIR data management (DOI association with data tables, data table replication on INRAE Dataverse). Those efforts will be extended to BaGaTel database, and to MEANS thanks to interoperability between MEANS and BaGaTel, to increase open access availability of data.

Task 3.1. To version BaGaTel data on INRAE dataverse (PLASTIC, IATE, SayFood, STLO, CSGA)


To version BaGaTel data on INRAE dataverse


To develop software functionality SamParl to export BaGaTel data and metadata to INRAE dataverse


(M12) Software functionality to export BaGaTel data and metadata to INRAE dataverse

Task 3.2. To develop data query tools (MIA-Paris, IATE)


To develop data query tools


To develop a user-friendly Web query tool (front-end and back-end) using the PO² data structuration for end-users

To develop a PO² sparql endpoint to allow a software access to the open data.

This work will be done in collaboration with the ANR D2KAB project in which IATE is involved


(M18) Tools to query BaGaTel data in two ways: (1) using a graphical user interface and (2) using a PO² sparql endpoint

Task 3.3. To deliver data to validate the tools (SayFood, STLO, CSGA)


To deliver accessible data on INRAE dataverse and/or in data papers


To make data accessible on INRAE dataverse or in a data paper to validate the developments from T3.1 and T3.2


(M24) Datasets on INRAE dataverse

(M24) At least one data paper

Modification date : 03 July 2023 | Publication date : 05 March 2020 | Redactor : CP