WP1 - To make software and database interoperable

WP leader C. Malnoë, MEANS

Objective: to make MEANS, BaGaTel and @web interoperable

MEANS, BaGaTel and @Web have been developed independently. PROPiCE, a module of MEANS-InOut, relying on PO² core ontology, is a first step to interoperability between BaGaTel and MEANS. It is under development allowing the structuration and entry of necessary data for LCA in MEANS, in accordance with BaGaTel requirements. Development has been performed on the basis of a use case, mainly Comté cheese production. Reverse interoperability will allow querying BaGaTel to get data directly in MEANS-InOut. Export of MEANS LCA results in BaGaTel will allow the joint use of environmental data (coming from MEANS) and product/process quality data (already in BaGaTel) for multi-criteria analysis. Interoperability between BaGaTel and @web will expand application domains.

Task 1.1. To create interoperability between software and database (MEANS, PLASTIC, MIA-Paris, IATE)

Objective 1

To import BaGaTel data in MEANS to reuse them (cheese use case)


To enrich PO² with adequate domain concepts necessary to LCA

To develop a module which makes it possible to query BaGaTel database to import all the necessary data to perform LCA in MEANS

Objective 2

To automate export of MEANS LCA results to BaGaTel (cheese use case)


To develop a module which processes automatic export, e.g. by using Brightway framework (https://brightwaylca.org/)

To compare results obtained by this process and the traditional SimaPro procedure to validate the approach

Objective 3

To integrate @Web data into BaGaTel (packaging use case)


To develop scripts to transfer @Web data into BaGaTel


(M8) PO²LCA domain ontology, extension of PO²DG domain ontology with adequate LCA concepts enriched with adequate flags

(M15) MEANS module to query BaGaTel on flagged data for LCA

(M18) MEANS module to export automatically LCA results generated thanks to MEANS InOut into BaGaTel

(M18) @Web scripts to transfer data into BaGaTel

Task 1.2 To expand software modules on two use cases (MEANS, PLASTIC, IATE, STLO)


To validate the relevance and usefulness of the modules and scripts developed in T1.1 on two other use cases: production of industrial dairy protein powders (STLO), production of food packaging (IATE)


To define production process specifications

To adapt the modules with developers if necessary


(M24) Datasets from STLO and IATE in the required BaGaTel format

(M24) Recommendations to adapt modules and script

(M24) Adapted modules and scripts

Modification date : 03 July 2023 | Publication date : 05 March 2020 | Redactor : CP